Natural Language Processing and Wikis

Natural Language Processing and Wikis (NLP and Wikis) is a twofold area of research:

  • In Wikis4NLP, we investigate how NLP algorithms can be improved by leveraging the vast amount of implicit knowledge prevalent in today's wikis rather than by using traditional knowledge sources like WordNet. Our Application Programming Interfaces for both Wikipedia (JWPL) and Wiktionary (JWKTL) allow for an efficient access to a large pool of collaboratively constructed knowledge.
  • In NLP4Wikis, we address the problem that wikis tend to get disorganized as result of their rapid growth. Using NLP techniques, we try to improve the user interaction by providing suggestions and hints for everyday tasks. This work is done in the context of the project Wikulu – Self-Organizing Wikis.

Projects and Software


Selected Publications

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Composing Measures for Computing Text Similarity
Daniel Bär and Torsten Zesch and Iryna Gurevych
January 2015.

Der lexikographische Prozess im deutschen Wiktionary
Christian M. Meyer and Iryna Gurevych
In: Vera Hildenbrandt: OPAL -- Online publizierte Arbeiten zur Linguistik xx/2015, Der lexikografische Prozess bei Internetwörterbüchern. 4. Arbeitsbericht des wissenschaftlichen Netzwerks „Internetlexikografie“, p. (to appear), Mannheim: Institut für Deutsche Sprache, 2015. ISSN 1860-9422.

Methoden bei kollaborativen Wörterbüchern
Christian M. Meyer and Iryna Gurevych
In: Lexicographica - Internationales Jahrbuch für Lexikographie, vol. 30, p. 187--212, November 2014. ISSN 1865-9403.

The Quality of Content in Open Online Collaboration Platforms: Approaches to NLP-supported Information Quality Management in Wikipedia
Oliver Ferschke
July 2014.

Book Review: Multilingual Corpora and Multilingual Corpus Analyses
Lisa Beinborn
In: International Journal of Multilingualism, vol. 11, no. 2, p. 266-268, 2014.

Using compound lists for German decompounding in a back-off scenario
Pedro Bispo Santos
In: Workshop on Computational, Cognitive, and Linguistic Approaches to the Analysis of Complex Words and Collocations (CCLCC 2014), p. 51-55, 2014.

The dynamics outside the paper: user contributions to online dictionaries
Andrea Abel and Christian M. Meyer
In: Iztok Kosem and Jelena Kallas and Polona Gantar and Simon Krek and Margit Langemets and Maria Tuulik: Proceedings of the 3rd Biennial Conference on Electronic Lexicography (eLex), p. 179--194, Ljubljana: Trojina, Institute for Applied Slovene Studies/Tallinn: Eesti Keele Instituut, October 2013.

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