Welcome to the Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing (UKP) Lab

Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing (UKP) Lab is the endowed Lichtenberg Chair in the Department of Computer Science at the Technische Universität Darmstadt (supported by the Volkswagen-Foundation). Read more...

Highlighted Activities

Research Initiatives

UKP, in concert with other research groups, coordinates the Ph.D. program Language and Knowledge Engineering (LKE). We are also a member of CYSEC, a profile area for privacy and cybersecurity.

Our showcase project ArgumenText validates the latest research breakthroughs in Argument Mining and Text Analytics in industrial applications, and develops innovative products to unleash the potential of unstructured data.

Group Members

Sebastian Alles P.V.S. Avinesh Teresa Botschen (née Martin)
Beto Boullosa Michael Bugert Johannes Daxenberger Erik-Lân Do Dinh Richard Eckart de Castilho
Steffen Eger Tobias Falke Ivan Habernal Andreas Hanselowski Fabian Herrlich
Jan-Christoph Klie Ji-Ung Lee Prof. Iryna Gurevych Joy Mahapatra Heike Mantwill
Christian M. Meyer Tristan Miller Nafise Moosavi Maxime Peyrard Silvia Previero
Yevgeniy Puzikov Pranav Rai Nils Reimers Andreas Rücklé Pedro Santos
Benjamin Schiller Claudia Schulz Edwin Simpson Daniil Sorokin Christian Stab
Chris Stahlhut Christopher Tauchmann Gao Yang
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