Wikulu - Self-Organizing Wikis

Self-Organizing Wiki Cycle

The Self-Organizing Wiki cycle can be summarized as a set of interactions involving different players as follows:
  • User: in the Wikulu project, the user can be seen either as a consumer or as a contributor of information: 
    • the consumer seeks to find and read information
    • the contributor wants to add content or pages
  • Wiki: Wiki content emerges as the result of the users' editing operation
    • the Wikulu framework is plattform independent to be applicable to any wiki system, such as MediaWiki, Twiki , Socialtext, JotSpot, Confluence...
  • WikiMining: In many situation, a wiki page's text alone is insufficient input for the decisions that need to be taken during the self-organization of a wiki. Thus, we are going to apply Wiki Mining techniques to gain more structured input data. The field of Wiki-mining can be divided into:
    • Structure mining: mine knowledge from the graph structure of interlinked wiki entries.
    • Content mining: deduce meaning from the information that can be found in wiki entries.
    • Usage mining: use information from a wiki's revision and access logs.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): NLP technologies are used to classify the content intro different categories, to automatically link relevant parts of it as well as to map new inputs to existing content.
  • Intelligent User Interfaces will be implemented to seamlessly integrate the suggestions made by the NLP techniques into the user's ongoing work, for example
    • users can be directed to the wiki's content relevant to their needs
    • contributors of information can be directed to similar content, so as to insert their contribution in the right location.
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