Personal Information

Johannes Daxenberger 
Postdoctoral Researcher 

+49 (6151) 16 - 25297

+49 (6151) 16 - 25295
S2|02 B111

TU Darmstadt - FB 20 
Hochschulstraße 10 
64289 Darmstadt


Biographical Information

I am a postdoctoral researcher, co-coordinator of the ArgumenText technology validation project, as well as coordinator of the BMBF-funded eHumanities Center CEDIFOR.

I hold an M.A. (Magister Artium) in Computational Linguistics, Spanish and General Linguistics from the Universität zu Köln. In October 2011, I was granted a 3-year PhD scholarship within the Hessian excellence program "Landes-Offensive zur Entwicklung Wissenschaftlich-ökonomischer Exzellenz" (LOEWE).  In July 2015, I successfully defended my PhD thesis about Online Mass Collaboration in Wikipedia.


I currently co-oordinate the technology validation project "ArgumenText". Previously, I have been working within the CEDIFOR eHumanities Center, supporting and coordinating various projects within Digital Humanities. Until end of 2014, I was part of the LOEWE Research Center "Text as a Process", with a focus on Wikipedia Revision History.

Research Interests

  • Machine Learning & Text Classification
  • Argumentation Mining
  • Digital Humanities
  • Online Mass Collaboration & Writing Processes


Additional Attributes


Multi-Task Learning for Argumentation Mining in Low-Resource Settings

Claudia Schulz, Steffen Eger, Johannes Daxenberger, Tobias Kahse, Iryna Gurevych
In: Proceedings of the 16th Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies, p. to appear, June 2018
Association for Computational Linguistics

Developing Automated Measures to Predict Incivility in Public Online Discussions on the Facebook Sites of Established News Media

Marc Ziegele, Johannes Daxenberger, Oliver Quiring, Iryna Gurevych
In: Proceedings of the 68th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association (ICA), p. to appear, April 2018

Domain-Specific Aspects of Scientific Reasoning and Argumentation: Insights from Automatic Coding

Johannes Daxenberger, Andras Csanadi, Christian Ghanem, Ingo Kollar, Iryna Gurevych
In: Scientific Reasoning and Argumentation: The Roles of Domain-Specific and Domain-General Knowledge, p. to appear, 2018
Taylor & Francis

Argumentation Mining: Eine neue Methode zur automatisierten Textanalyse und ihre Anwendung in der Kommunikationswissenschaft

Markus Maurer, Johannes Daxenberger, Iryna Gurevych
In: Jahrestagung der Fachgruppe Methoden der Publizistik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Publizistik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft, September 2017

What is the Essence of a Claim? Cross-Domain Claim Identification

Johannes Daxenberger, Steffen Eger, Ivan Habernal, Christian Stab, Iryna Gurevych
In: Proceedings of the 2017 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP), p. 2055–2066, September 2017

UKP TU-DA at GermEval 2017: Deep Learning for Aspect Based Sentiment Detection

Ji-Ung Lee, Steffen Eger, Johannes Daxenberger, Iryna Gurevych
In: Proceedings of the GermEval 2017 – Shared Task on Aspect-based Sentiment in Social Media Customer Feedback, p. 22-29, September 2017

Distantly Supervised POS Tagging of Low-Resource Languages under Extreme Data Sparsity: The Case of Hittite

Maria Sukhareva, Francesco Fuscagni, Johannes Daxenberger, Susanne Görke, Doris Prechel, Iryna Gurevych
In: LaTeCH-CLfL '17 Proceedings of the 11th Workshop on Language Technology for Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences, and Humanities, p. 95--104, August 2017

Neural End-to-End Learning for Computational Argumentation Mining

Steffen Eger, Johannes Daxenberger, Iryna Gurevych
In: Proceedings of the 55th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL 2017), Vol. Volume 1: Long Papers, p. 11-22, July 2017
Association for Computational Linguistics

Is Interaction More Important Than Individual Performance? A Study of Motifs in Wikia

Thomas Arnold, Johannes Daxenberger, Karsten Weihe, Iryna Gurevych
In: Proceedings of the 26th International Conference Companion on World Wide Web, p. 1609-1617, April 2017
International World Wide Web Conferences Steering Committee

Semantische Suche in Ausgestorbenen Sprachen: Eine Fallstudie für das Hethitische

Johannes Daxenberger, Susanne Görke, Darjush Siahdohoni, Iryna Gurevych, Doris Prechel
In: DHd 2017 - Digitale Nachhaltigkeit: Konferenzabstracts, p. 196-200, February 2017


I am or have been reviewing for most major NLP conferences (ACL, NAACL, COLING, LREC) and several Digital Humanities conferences (DH, DHd). I also reviewed for the Springer edited Volume "The People’s Web Meets NLP: Collaboratively Constructed Language Resources" and for the ACM Transactions on Asian and Low-Resource Language Information Processing (TALLIP).

Student Supervision

I currently supervise or have supervised

  • Viswanathan Arunachalam (internship)
  • Mohammed Refat Chowdhury (MA thesis)
  • Melvin Laux (student helper)
  • Patrick Lerner (BA thesis)
  • Joy Mahapatra (internship)
  • Andriy Nadolskyy (student helper)
  • Dat Quoc Nguyen (internship)
  • Matthias Orlikowski (internship)
  • Krish Perumal (internship)
  • Darjush Siahdohoni (BA thesis)
  • Saurabh Shekhar Verma (internship)
  • Manuel Spari (BA thesis)
  • Lasse Stelzer (BA thesis)
  • Sophie Pozniak (student helper)
  • Hannah Wieland (tutor)
  • Andreas Zimpfer (MA thesis)


I teach or have been teaching

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