Personal Information

Dr. des. Emily Jamison
EmilyKJamison "at"



Work Information

I work on the CASED project IT Forensics, where I develop NLP tools for processing Web 2.0 data to identify fraud and crime. The work focuses on online discussion threads.

Modern communication relies on electronic messages organized in the form of discussion threads, and an individual message may be meaningless separated from the context of its thread.  However, a number of factors may result in missing thread structure, ranging from user mistake (replying to the wrong message), to missing metadata (some email clients do not produce/save headers that fully encapsulate thread structure; and, conversion of archived threads from over repository to another may also result in lost metadata), to covert use (users may avoid metadata to render discussions difficult for third parties to understand).

In my thesis, we use natural language processing approaches to reconstruct threads from message content, with a focus on email threads and Wikipedia discussions.  Additionally, due to a scarcity of annotated corpora for this task, we investigate issues faced when creating, and training a machine learner on, crowdsourced  datasets.  This work is described in more detail:


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