The UBY-API - Unified Access To UBY

The UBY database is accessible by a Java API, the UBY-API, providing unified access to the various information types in the nine resources. Moreover, it offers easy cross-resource access to the various information types in the resources. 

The UBY-API is available on  Google Code along with  a tutorial on using the UBY-API.

For using the API, you need to set up your own UBY DB. You can do this either by 

  • downloading a UBY DB dump, containing resources with open licenses (i.e., GermaNet, IMSLex are not included) and pairwise sense alignments between them,
  • or converting (a selection of) the UBY integrated resources to UBY-LMF yourself; this is described in the  Conversion Tutorial on Google Code.
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